Seasoned Developer's Journey from COBOL to Web 5.0, SSI, and Beyond

As a seasoned developer with over 20 years of experience, I have dabbled in various programming languages, including some that are considered "dead," such as COBOL and Smalltalk. However, my passion for innovation and embracing cutting-edge technology has led me to focus on the emerging fields of Web 5.0, Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI), and the architecture of a decentralized world that empowers data democratization.

A strong believer in the potential of actor systems and the concept of a "soft" internet, I am dedicated to exploring and promoting these transformative ideas. In addition to writing, I also enjoy sharing my knowledge and insights through videoblogging. Most of my Medium posts serve as supplementary content to the videos on my YouTube channel, which you can explore here:

Join me on this exciting journey as we delve into the future of technology and the possibilities it holds.

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Volodymyr Pavlyshyn

I believe in SSI, web5 web3 and democratized open data.I make all magic happens! dream & make ideas real, read poetry, write code, cook, do mate, and love.